Harry Potter franchise ends on a high note

The final spell has been cast and the Harry Potter movie franchise is coming to a close. Of course, you knew that.

The boy wizard’s face has been everywhere lately: trailers, movie posters, magazines, TV shows. If there’s one thing you can count on with a big-budget summer movie, it’s hype. Quality, on the other hand, is a more uncertain variable, one too often sacrificed to the gods of Lowest-Common-Denominator Programming. Thankfully, returning director David Yates and the other professionals on the Potter creative team have not wavered.



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2 responses to “Harry Potter franchise ends on a high note

  1. smilingldsgirl

    Loved it too! Exciting, funny, emotional, everything.The acting is first rate- even in the small parts. There were parts where my theater stood up and cheered. So great! I also like that it isn’t afraid to teach important messages like standing up to evil, crafting characters based on tough choices and the value of true friendship. Best movie I’ve seen this year by far.


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