Video Verdict: ‘Dark Skies’

Keri Russell plays the mother of a family haunted by strange happenings in the horror film “Dark Skies.”

Keri Russell plays the mother of a family haunted by strange happenings in the horror film “Dark Skies.”

A horror film about malevolent aliens is the only major theatrical release moving to home video this week.

Dark Skies

3 stars (out of four)
Rated PG-13 for violence, terror throughout, sexual material, drug content and language – all involving teens
Anchor Bay
Available on: DVD, Blu-ray and on demand

The marketing for “Dark Skies” makes a big deal out of producer Jason Blum’s involvement in the horror hits “Paranormal Activity” and “Insidious.” Emphasizing this makes sense because the three movies share the same structure, which involves placing characters in unsettling situations and slowly intensifying the danger.

The focus in “Dark Skies” is on Daniel and Lacy Barrett (Josh Hamilton and Keri Russell), a financially struggling couple whose problems multiply when strange things begin happening in their home. At first, the unusual occurrences are odd but relatively benign. For instance, Lacy awakens to find the refrigerator door open and groceries littered about. As the movie progresses, however, the events become more sinister, and the Barretts begin to fear for the safety of their two young children, Jesse (Dakota Goyo) and Sam (Kadan Rockett).

Desperate and frightened, they turn to local law enforcement, but the police can’t help since there are no signs of foul play. Eventually, Lacy becomes convinced that aliens are treating them like laboratory rats, and she turns to a UFO expert named Edwin Pollard (J.K. Simmons).

The formula behind “Dark Skies” is straightforward, and it varies only slightly from the one used in countless other horror films. Because of that, the movie elicits a distinct sense of déjà vu, and that’s never a good thing.

Still, writer-director Scott Stewart manages to create an eerie atmosphere that should leave all but the most grizzled viewers feeling spooked. Most of the recent movies in this vein focus on evil spirits, so the alien-invader angle is a welcome twist that makes it accessible to science-fiction junkies as well as horror fans.

Stewart also benefits from a solid cast, led by Russell. She is always a pleasure to watch, and she makes Lacy seem real, creating empathy for the Barretts and their plight. This is important because horror movies that ask viewers to invest in characters are always more frightening than those that simply jump from one scare to the next.

“Dark Skies” unveils its horror slowly, creating a suspenseful ride that feels satisfying even though we’re traveling a familiar road.

DVD and Blu-ray extras include deleted scenes and an audio commentary by Stewart, Blum, executive producer Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and editor Peter Gvozdas.



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– Forrest Hartman is an independent film critic whose byline has appeared in some of the nation’s largest publications. E-mail him at

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