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Five Great Journalism Movies You Should See Today

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‘Point Break’ review

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‘Batman v Superman’ – Review from ‘Forrest on Film’

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‘Batman v Superman’ – Snapshot Review

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

151 minutes, Rated PG-13

Critical rating: 3 stars out of 4

Directed by: Zack Snyder (“300,” “Watchmen,” “Man of Steel”)

Starring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg and Gal Gadot

Rated: PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action throughout, and some sensuality

The story: The movie is set after 2013’s “Man of Steel” in a world that has come to love Superman’s (Henry Cavill) heroic deeds but fear his immense power. One of the people most concerned about Superman’s extraordinary abilities is Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), the billionaire businessman who moonlights as Batman. Wayne watched as Superman battled the Kryptonian super villain Zod, laying waste to much of Metropolis in the process. Although Superman didn’t intend on the destruction, Wayne takes it personally because many of his employees were killed when a building was destroyed.  At the same time, Superman is growing increasingly concerned about Batman’s vigilante tactics. This, and some meddling by Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), leads to a showdown between the two heroes.

The scoop: The film boasts plenty of silly moments, but it’s also a lot of fun. Director Zack Snyder’s visuals are beautiful, and he allows time for the cast to develop their characters. Cavill and Affleck are good, as is Gal Gadot who makes an appearance as Wonder Woman. Although some plot points strain credibility, viewers willing to go for the ride can have plenty of fun.


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‘Race’ review on KGAB-AM

This morning, Gary Freeman and I talked about the film “Race” on KGAB-AM in Cheyenne, WY. The whole dialogue is now available on SoundCloud.


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Critics’ Choice Nominees Announced


Michael Keaton, left, and Mark Ruffalo in a scene from “Spotlight.” The movie was nominated for eight Critics’ Choice Awards, including best picture. Ruffalo was nominated for best supporting actor.
Photo courtesy of Kerry Hayes/Open Road Films

I am a longtime member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association, a group representing more than 300 critics in the U.S. and Canada, and today the organization announced nominees for the 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards. As usual, some of my personal favorites made the cut and others did not (I’m only one voter among hundreds). Regardless of my personal preferences, it’s a strong field of movies, and you can use the nominee list (below) to seek out the best in film. This year’s awards are slated for broadcast Jan. 17 at 5 p.m. (PT) on A&E, Lifetime and LMN. This event will be particularly special because — for the first time — the movie awards are being combined with honors doled out by the Broadcast Television Journalists Association.




The Big Short

Bridge of Spies



Mad Max: Fury Road

The Martian

The Revenant




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Snapshot Review: ‘A Walk in the Woods’


Robert Redford and Nick Nolte star in

Robert Redford and Nick Nolte star in “A Walk in the Woods.”

Photo courtesy of epk.tv

Critical rating: 3 stars out of four

Directed by: Ken Kwapis (“Big Miracle,” “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants”)

Starring: Robert Redford and Nick Nolte

Rated: R for language and some sexual references

The story: Screen adaptation of writer Bill Bryson’s bestselling, 1998 memoir, “A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail.” The film, like the book, focuses on Bryson’s attempt to walk the 2,200-mile trail with his friend Stephen Katz.

The scoop: A comedy for mature audiences that value strong acting and subtle humor over car crashes and a barrage of crass gags. “A Walk in the Woods” is consistently funny, but it’s also a reminder that older folks needn’t act as though their best days are behind them. The movie is a likable mix of comedy and drama made better by the wonderful performances of Nolte and Redford. Like a hiker on a long journey, director Ken Kwapis takes an easygoing pace, covering a lot of territory but taking time to breathe and enjoy the scenery.

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