Reno Film Festival: Indies and more

Actress Stella Stevens will appear at the Reno Film Festival this month

Actress Stella Stevens will appear at the Reno Film Festival this month

During its nine years, the Reno Film Festival has seen its share of change. It debuted in October 2000 and served as an outlet, primarily, for classic movies. In the early days, screenings of great films were paired with appearances by beloved stars and directors, including Rod Steiger, Tony Curtis and George Sidney.

Since, the festival has morphed, moving first to November, then May and finally this year to June. It also has shifted from showing mainly classics to include an increasing number of independent pictures. Also, organizers have placed less of a focus on celebrities.

“If Kevin Costner wanted to come, we would certainly have star power, but it’s always difficult for us to get them (stars) lined up and everything,” said festival spokesman Bob Alessandrelli. “We actually have, the last few years, morphed more into the indies.”

This year’s festival, running June 17-21, isn’t free of classic films or stars. For instance, actress Stella Stevens will be in town June 20 to sign autographs and talk about her 1970 feature “The Ballad of Cable Hogue.”

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