‘Dances With Wolves’ writer attending this year’s Reno Film Festival

Michael Blake

Michael Blake

Michael Blake is best known as a behind-the-scenes guy, but the “Dances With Wolves” novelist and screenwriter stepped in front of the camera for “The American West: On the Road With Michael Blake.”

In the documentary film, showing June 21 at the Reno Film Festival, Blake takes viewers on a journey through great moments in U.S. history, especially as they relate to American Indians. He will be at the Reno screening to talk about the film, which was inspired by his first non-fiction book, “Indian Yell: The Heart of an American Insurgency.”

Click here for full story: http://rgj.com/article/20090607/ENT/906070305/1056/+Dances++writer+presenting+documentary+of+the+West

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