Are we ready for “Watchmen”?

Malin Akerman in "Watchmen."

Malin Akerman in "Watchmen."

SAN FRANCISCO — The road to the “Watchmen” movie was long, bumpy and routed through rugged, unfamiliar territory. That it finally opened in theaters at midnight Thursday brings that road to an end. But one question still burns: Are audiences ready for an R-rated superhero spectacle that has been described by some as unfilmable?

“There are a lot of reasons, I think, why the movie didn’t get made up until now,” director Zack Snyder said during an interview last week at the WonderCon comic convention in San Francisco. “(Producer) Larry Gordon said, ‘It’s not unfilmable, it’s unfinanceable,’ which I thought was a really interesting distinction. … Culture, I hope, is ready for ‘Watchmen’ now.”

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