Poll: What film has you drooling?

I’m pleased to kick off a new feature on ForrestHartman.com: Polls.

Vote today, then check back and see whether you’re with the majority or the minority.

This is a tough one for me, but I’m going to have to go with “Star Trek.”


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3 responses to “Poll: What film has you drooling?

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  2. I have to vote for Star Trek because I was part of that generation, but Potter comes close in second. I don’t know most of the other movies, but I know that GI Joe, X-Men, Transformers, Monster v. Alien, etc. will be on a wait for the DVD list.


  3. Forrest Hartman

    Paul — I went with “Star Trek” also. But I’ve found it really difficult to predict what will actually be good and what will be a disappointment.


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