Musings on a Motley Crue show

Somewhere in the middle of Wednesday’s Mötley Crüe concert at the Reno Events Center I realized that a Crüe show isn’t really about the music. Not only does the band sound vastly superior on CD, but with a recording one is able to close his or her eyes and imagine all this objectifying of women and shouting at the devil is the brainchild of angst-ridden 20-somethings rather than the middle-aged rockers the band has become.

But I digress. A Crüe concert today is clearly about “the experience.” So rather than bother with the traditional review, I decided to simply provide observations from the Crüe experience.

  • If Hinder wants to keep opening for classic rock bands, it needs to cultivate at least three more hit songs.
  • When bass and drums are played loudly enough, they might actually kickstart your heart.
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