Ask Forrest: The end of an era

There are many things I enjoy about my job with the Reno Gazette-Journal, but the greatest by far is the opportunity to interact with readers.

Since 2005, my Ask Forrest column has given me the opportunity to strike up conversations with people of all sorts. Sometimes our interactions have been as simple as me finding the title of a long-forgotten film. Other times, they’ve led to heated debates. I will forever remember, for instance, when a passionate ABBA fan called me out for lobbing an offhand insult at the group. I responded, of course, with a more thorough condemnation of the Swedish pop act.

But enough reminiscing. It’s time I get to the point of this column, lest my editor accuse me of burying the lead.

Most Gazette-Journal readers know the paper has gone through significant changes in the past year, and one of those changes resulted in a redefining of my job. In 2009, I will continue to serve as Gazette-Journal arts editor, but I will not continue as the Gazette-Journal’s film critic.

My DVD column, which runs in several markets (including Reno) will continue, but my other film writing will be reduced significantly. All the more reason to stop by this site frequently, as I do promise content here that you can’t find in the RGJ.

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