Chamber music festival in Reno

Reno pianist James Winn says the Nevada Chamber Music Festival is not only an excellent event for local music lovers, it’s great for local musicians.

“I think it’s good for Reno audiences because they get to hear these wonderful people,” Winn says. “It’s good for Reno musicians because we get to play with these wonderful people and keep our chops up at the level where they belong.”

This year’s festival, which begins Dec. 28, features seven concerts with some of the finest classical musicians in the world. The lineup includes Grammy-nominated violinist James Buswell, world-renowned cellist Clive Greensmith, Los Angeles Philharmonic concertmaster Martin Chalifour and Cleveland Orchestra principal violist Robert Vernon.

These internationally known musicians will perform alongside Winn and other players from Reno, and the locals say that helps them gauge their abilities.

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