Ask Forrest: What makes a Bond girl?

Question: Regarding a recent column you wrote about James Bond movies, I just want to confirm that you believe that Madonna was a Bond girl in “Die Another Day” with Halle Berry? Really? And you call yourself a film writer? Anybody could easily go to Google to confirm the facts. There you clearly will see that Madonna’s tie-in with this film was that she did a music video for the theme song. I am sure that does not constitute her as a Bond girl.

Answer: Google and the Internet are both incredible resources, but there is no substitute for actually watching the movie. I’m assuming, from the content of your question, that you have not seen “Die Another Day.” If you had, you likely would remember that Madonna not only recorded the theme song but made an appearance as a fencing instructor.

Does she qualify as a Bond girl? Now that’s a question that holds more interest.

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