‘Transporter 3’ for action junkies only

Jason Statham is back in "Transporter 3."

Jason Statham is back in "Transporter 3."

It’s ordinary, silly and often borrows from other movies in its genre. In other words, “Transporter 3” is exactly what one should expect from the second sequel in a franchise that has never really distinguished itself.

The main thing “Transporter” has going for it is star Jason Statham, who is a blast to watch when he battles his way through elaborately staged action sequences. “Transporter 3” has plenty of those, so as commonplace as the feature is, it should still sate genre junkies looking for a quick fix.

Click here for complete review: http://www.rgj.com/article/20081127/ENT01/311270003/1056/ENT

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