‘W.’ should be impeached

The one thing you wouldn’t expect from director Oliver Stone is a milquetoast movie about President George

Richard Dreyfuss, left, and Josh Brolin in "W."

Richard Dreyfuss, left, and Josh Brolin star in "W."

W. Bush. Love him or hate him, Bush has held America’s top post through some of our most trying times, and most everyone has a strong opinion on his job performance. Most everyone, it seems, except Stone.

“W.” is a bad movie for many reasons but the most noteworthy is its lack of a valuable viewpoint. Rather than take a brave and unusual stance on our president’s life, Stone and company are content to recycle common stereotypes. The Bush (Josh Brolin) in “W.” is a highly religious, moderately inane man who has daddy issues and difficulty speaking in public. In other words, it’s the same George W. Bush that critics have presented for the past eight years.

Click here for full review: http://www.rgj.com/article/20081017/ENT/310170002/1056

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