Feb. 13 — Song of the Day

As you know by now, my song choices are often tied to daily news events in a loose way, but I do attempt to explain my reasoning. One of the biggest news stories today is that the Senate unexpectedly voted to call witnesses in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and that Democrats — just as abruptly — decided not to call the primary witness they had touted. They are, however, having that witnesses statement entered into the record. Because of this, I started thinking about fitting songs. The one that immediately sprung to mind is Phil Collins’ much loved hit “In the Air Tonight.” Despite urban legends stating that Collins wrote the song after witnessing a drowning, he has stated that it wasn’t written with the intent of a particular message. Nevertheless, it has the wonderful line, “I was there and I saw what you did, I saw it with my own two eyes.” It also has the proper sense of foreboding and chaos that surrounds the impeachment trial.

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