Feb. 5 – Song of the Day

Often, vice president of the United States is seen as a neutered political position because vice presidents have little say in day-to-day policy decisions and implementation. That changes significantly, however, when you have an evenly divided Senate, as we do in 2021. One of the big news stories today is that Vice President Kamala Harris cast the tiebreaking vote on a budget resolution that paves the way for Democrats to deliver a COVID-19 relief bill with a simple majority of votes in the legislature. In these situations, when the Senate is deadlocked, the vice president does have substantial power, and it’s easy to imagine a lot more closely contested votes moving forward. Now, that you get the news hook, I submit to you the Song of the Day, Joe Walsh’s “Vote for Me,” a 1992 anthem where he announced that he would be running for Vice President and declared a passion for issues ranging from “education” to “realization.”

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