One of my online friends recently came up with a nice list of favorite summer movies, and I added my two cents in the comments section. I thought you all might be interested.

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As the readers of this blog know I am a huge movie buff year-round.  Unfortunately sometimes I grow weary of the blockbuster movies that are usually popular in the summer.  For some reason I don’t usually like super hero movies.  I’ve always prefered characters that I can relate to, even in a complete fantasy.  For instance, Harry Potter may be in a complete fantasy world but his character and skill-set are mostly things I can relate to.   The Incredibles is one of the few super hero movies I like because it moves super heroes into a real world setting and it makes me laugh.  Most super hero movies are very show-offy and just for the fluffy special effects.

Christy Lemire, an AP movie critic I follow, recently posted a list of her top 5 summer movies.  I have to admit I’ve only seen 1 of the movies she…

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  1. thanks for the reblog. It will be fun to see what summer movies hold for us this year.


  2. It will be. Although it’s technically not summer yet, I’ve liked a lot of the early blockbuster releases. I think “John Carter,” “The Hunger Games,” “The Avengers” and “Men In Black III” are all really solid.


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