‘Eagle Eye’ works as mindless entertainment

In less than 10 years as a feature film director, D.J. Caruso has established himself as a workmanlike Hollywood talent. The sort producers can turn to if they’re looking for a solidly mainstream thriller that punches most of the right buttons.

Sometimes, as with “Disturbia” — a “Rear Window” remake that was so thinly veiled it prompted a copyright infringement lawsuit — Caruso’s work results in a film that is enjoyable after multiple viewings. In other cases — think “Taking Lives” — he’s saddled with such inept screenplays that failure is the only option.

Either way, Caruso himself is competent. He is not, however, the sort of director who pushes artistic limits … at least not yet. Rather, Caruso takes the hand he’s dealt and makes the best of it.

With “Eagle Eye,” he was dealing with a story that is preposterous on almost every level, but still possesses camp appeal.

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